The new ESCAPE

Designed to meet the demands of the most demanding pilots and guarantee safe emotions even to less experienced pilots.

ESCAPE, with its titanium alloy structure, it is characterized by a lightness which is unmatched in the industry.

Equipped with the ultra-modern ROTAX 915 iS engine, turbo injection with a power of 141 Cv, it is able to offer the user an extremely performing power-to-weight ratio even at the highest altitudes.

The choice of piston motorization, as an alternative to turbine propulsion, made it possible to obtain reduced consumption and elevated autonomy of flight with the same power.

The aeronautical construction standard of the components associated with the mechanical choices, the result of many years of experience of the designers, allows a particularly simple maintenance program and consequently the reduction of operating costs.


Two very comfortable seats side by side
even for taller or larger people
characterize the cabin.
All controls are easily accessible and under the seats
two spacious compartments have been obtained.

The areas dedicated to instruments and controls are well divided,
of immediate localization and
suitable to accommodate customized solutions

Particular attention was paid
to the ergonomics of the flight controls with patented solutions
which guarantee comfort and pleasure in piloting.

The artisan attention to detail
offers high quality finishes
that distinguishes the made in Italy in the world

The careful design allows for easy inspection
of the various components, all easily accessible.
The first helicopter in the world to adopt the
ultra-modern ROTAX 915 iS engine
turbo intercooler by injection.